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  • Nashville Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a Tennessee Snake

How to Kill a Tennessee Snake

If you look at it, the snake has gotten a bad rap. Movies always portray them as dangerous creatures that attack at will and kill or harm anything in their path. The truth of the matter is that snakes only attack when they are threatened or when surprised. They prefer to be left alone by you as much as you want them away from you.

You should also be aware that snakes actually do a lot of good for your property. They love to eat creatures like mice, rats, gophers, and chipmunks. Animals that cause way more damage to your home and property than a snake ever could. They can be quite beneficial if given the chance to thrive.

However, it is understandable that you would not want them on your property. The same skills that allow it to catch and devour a gopher can be used on your dog or cat, and if your little son or daughter comes upon a snake in your yard and surprised it, your child may get hurt quite easily. This makes it understandable that many would want to get rid of these reptiles from in and around their home.

If you have decided that death is the fate that awaits a snake or snakes that are living around your property, then here are a few things you can do to rid yourself of these reptiles.

The first choice is to trap them in a place where they cannot find food. Some choose the option of buying a commercial trap, but if you know that a snake is living in an area that has only one or two entry points to get in or out you can simply block off those entry points and wait for it to die. If it does not gain food and water it will soon die like any other creature.

Many choose to try poisons to kill the snake and this is very effective. Water sources of areas where the snake is known to find food can be poisoned so that when the snake ingests or crawls through it digests or absorbs the poison and dies. This can be very effective.

It also comes with lots of problems. You may find that your pet may drink out of the same water and not only will you have a dead snake but a dead cat or dog as well. This is true of poisons you lay along the ground. It gets on the cat’s or dog’s paws, they lick it off and soon they are in real trouble. The areas where you place the poison must be highly contained.

Many choose to not attack the snake itself but to destroy its offspring. If you are aware where the snake’s nest is at you can break its eggs. This will usually have two effects. The first is that no new snakes will be there, so you have wiped out future generations of snakes that could inhabit your property. You will also have given the snake very little reason to stay on your property and it will likely move on. Snakes instinctively move when a nest is destroyed, so this could settle your problem. It may not be a nice thing to do, but it does work.

If you are aware of the location of the snakes den you can also choose to gas the den itself. There are gases you can buy that you spray into the hole or you can start a small fire at the opening and suck out the oxygen so that snake suffocates. This can work quite effectively.

If you are using a gas ensure that you keep your pets away from the area for at least a few days. Gases can linger for days and still be potent in their ability to kill. Be safe about protecting your pets.

Also be sure that there is not another exit hole somewhere else. Your grand plan is doomed to fail if the snake can simply go somewhere else to find its freedom. Many snakes area smart enough to create two access points, so check this out and ensure that other one is sealed before implementing your plan.

There are also traps that have prongs that kill the snake right away. The snake goes after some bait you have set up and when it reaches a certain point a set of prongs comes down and stabs the snake, killing it. These usually only works on larger sized snakes. However, often the prongs are far apart enough that most snakes can simply sneak right through with nothing more than a scratch.

If you are having no success you can always hire a professional to do the job. There are good men and women who know how to settle any snake problem and restore your property back to you.

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