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  • Nashville Educational Article of the Month - Do Possums climb well?

Do Possums climb well?

Possums are known to be good climbers and swimmers, especially when they feel threatened. With a speed of about 3.5 miles per hour when running, Possums can use their speed to jump and run up trees quickly. Though they do not have any special skills in attacking , but they do possess strong skills in running away from danger. Possums are known to climb fences and concrete walls, they seem to be more skillful in climbing smooth surfaces than rats and some other small animals. Possums can weigh as much as 14 pounds , they possess the skill to open small holes in the backyard, and use it as a means to gain entry into the main building.

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Possums have long and pointed facial structure, with round and hairless ears. They do have a rat-like tail that measures less than 50% of their entire body length, they have a strong feet that looks like a combination of human toes, and for that reason, they can grab the surfaces of different materials and climb effectively. Possums are known to hang unto thing ropes and sticks with their feet, and they can also jump from one place to another with such feet. When they walk, run or climb, they usually leave a track behind them and that can be recognized with the appearance of the number of their toes ( five).

Possums are known to consume animals that are killed by the road side, and the fact that they don’t store body fat like raccoons means they don’t hibernate during the winter, thus they must forage all year round. Possums can climb on thin trees, they can even snuggle up the length of the tree and stay there for hours without falling off. The animals like to create their dens in safe , dry and sheltered places and they can also live inside dens already created by other animals. The animal is known to exude some smelly green colored fluids from their anus, and they can use their teeth to growl, bite, and screech on trees and other materials they climb.

Possums can be beneficial in many ways, they can be reared to clean up foods left by other animals so as to avoid rat and mice infestations. When in danger Possums usually scratch the ground with their feet, and they can be used to kill other rodents such as mice and rats. Possums must not be fed because of their aggressive nature, especially when they are sick.

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