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  • Nashville Educational Article of the Month - How to Find and Remove a Dead Animal From Your House

How to Find and Remove a Dead Animal From Your House

Have you noticed a funny smell in your house recently? Maybe it gets worse in certain parts of the home, and when you go outside, you can still smell it? Have you noticed a lot of flies around recently, either inside the home or outside of it? Maybe you are noticing some weird stains or patches on walls, ceilings and floors, and you can’t work out where it is coming from? Or what?

If you said yes to any of the above, there’s a good chance you had a visitor in the form of nuisance wildlife. Not content with moving into your home, eating your food, annoying your pets, and keeping you up all night with it’s scratching or calling, it has now managed to crawl somewhere nice, deep and unaccessible within your home to die.


The smell is the least of your problems at this stage, and we would always advise you to call in the assistance of a wildlife removal specialist. Not just brilliant for getting rid of the live critters you have roaming around within your house, these experts are also very smart at locating and removing dead carcasses and signs of disease too. We can assist you with Nashville dead animal removal in your house or on your property.

Did we mention the risk of disease?

Whether the animal is alive or dead, it can still transmit some pretty nasty diseases. If you have a dead bat-body, there’s a good chance there will be guano (or bat droppings) lying around somewhere too, and these, when disturbed, can create airborne spores that cause histoplasmosis - a very nasty disease that affects the respiratory system. As you can imagine, for those with already existing lung conditions and even small children, this is a condition that could prove fatal.

The reason why you will want to employ a wildlife removal specialist to do the cleanup operation for you, is because you won’t have half the equipment you need to safely, effectively, and successfully do the job. You wont have a biohazard suit with the right breathing apparatus, which may seem a little extreme, but is completely necessary when you consider the health and disease risks that these animals bring with them. You will also need thick, heavy-duty gloves that you won’t mind disposing of after you’re done with the operation, and you’ll also need a place in which you can incinerate not only the body, but also all the equipment you used. You can’t just throw this out with the regular trash, as there is still the risk disease spreading.

You won’t have the strong, enzyme-breaking cleaners that the professionals will have, designed to combat and breakdown the worst of odors, and remove the most stubborn of mean bugs. You won’t have the clever flexible lights that they use to find the most hidden of dead animals, and more than that, you won’t have the experience they’ve had with exactly this situation. A DECENT pest removal specialist will understand how these creatures work a lot more than you do, and they’ll also have a better understanding of the basic architecture of your building too - they’ve probably already removed a dead animal just likes yours from a very similar house. Believe it or not, this happens a lot, and its all because people don’t keep up with the inspection and maintenance of their property.

Finding that dead animal in the maze that is your house is not going to be an easy task, by any means. There are plenty of tiny, little hiding spots where the wild animal could have climbed in to curl up and die. You are going to need to use your head and, more importantly, your nose to locate the body before you have the chance to get rid of it and perform that cleanup operation. It could be behind any of your internal walls, it could be underneath your home, it could be in the attic, or the chimney breast, or even under the floor or between the levels of your house. Sniffing your way through every room is the best way to hunt the critter down, and the stronger the smell, the closer you are to it. The strength of the smell will also give you a little indication of what kind of animal it is too (a removal specialist will know this), as a larger animal will give off a pungent, stronger smell - you won’t always smell a dead rat, but you’ll always smell a dead raccoon!

In short, learning how to find and remove a dead animal from your house is not going to be a pleasant or an easy task, and it will take time, dedication, and perseverance before you eventually give in and call the professionals. We can assist you with Nashville dead animal removal. Most inexperienced people can’t successfully locate the creature, let alone remove it!

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